Make sure your students of all ages know how important it is for them to maintain and enhance their skills in their home language, especially reading and writing. Raise awareness about these programs with your students and within your school. Because these opportunities are newer, most students will not recognize they’re eligible without some guidance from you. Remind parents about these opportunities at parent-teacher conferences as well and emphasize the importance of home language.You can use these flyers in your conferences and communicate these messages in your home language.

Connect the student with the point person for testing at your school. If you’re not sure who that is, talk to your school counselor or district ELL director to find out.

World Language Credits are available in dozens of languages – students need to know that even if their language isn’t widely spoken at the school, it may be testable! Students will need your help connecting them with a guidance counselor to arrange next steps such as appropriate testing. By encouraging them, you could have huge impact on their graduating on time.