Let your school know that you are interested in having your child test for World Language Credits in your home language. Speak with their teacher or a guidance counselor at school to find out when testing takes place and how to register.

Important things to remember:

  • World Language Credit testing is available, even if the language isn’t taught in school
  • Your student may be eligible to get some credits, even if not all four, if they have some proficiency. Don’t worry if your student doesn’t speak/read/write perfectly – it is worth testing to find out if they can earn credits for what they do know.
  • Some schools will help you with the cost of testing, if that is a concern.

If your school is not familiar with the World Language Credit option, reach out to the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, OSPI , to learn more about how to bring access to this important opportunity to your school. Show them this website!

Please refer to our TOOLKIT FOR FAMILIES for much more information on how to support your student!