To study for your exam, remember that every bit of practice helps. In addition to formally studying with a textbook or other language learning materials, remember that some of your best teachers are around you!

+ Ask your family to speak with you in home language only. This might be a challenge at first, but you’ll find that pushing yourself to answer in your home language instead of flipping to English will make your language muscles work harder. You’ll find ways to express yourself using the words you do know!

+ Make language flash cards. Carry them around with you and practice them when you are waiting in line!

+ Look online for language apps. Apps like DuoLingo may help you practice in 5-10 minute increments whenever you have time.

+ Attend community events. As much exposure as you can get to your home language right now will help. Anywhere that allows you to listen or speak will help you strengthen your language skills.

+ Watch films in your home language. (Use it as a fun family activity!)

+ Listen to popular music in your home language. If you don’t know where to find some, consider using a resource like Radio.Garden ( to find a radio station in another country!