How can I encourage bilingual students in my classroom?

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Join the movement to recognize bilingualism as an asset and a point of pride! Some teachers host five minute activities in the classroom, others help organize a graduation ceremony or other recognition for students who have achieved a Seal of Biliteracy on their diploma. Our Educator Toolkit is full of […]

How do I help my students take advantage of these programs and opportunities to build their bilingual skills?

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Make sure your students of all ages know how important it is for them to maintain and enhance their skills in their home language, especially reading and writing. Raise awareness about these programs with your students and within your school. Because these opportunities are newer, most students will not recognize […]

I’m not an ELL instructor. Is this campaign relevant to me?

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Absolutely! As educators, we are in a crucial position to recognize student’s assets and steer them to success. Bilingual research is showing us how important it is to recognize and celebrate multilingualism not only for English language learners but for all students. Any educator can assist students in taking advantage […]

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