How do I become a parent ambassador?

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Thank you for considering becoming a Home Language Parent Ambassador!

As an ambassador, you will gain deep organizing and advocacy skills, and learn how to communicate core messages about the importance of home language development to other parents, educators, and state policy makers.  Our Parent Ambassadors are key leaders who assist […]

How can I help my community recognize and celebrate bilingualism?

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There are many ways you can help your community celebrate the power of bilingualism! Some ideas:

  • Host a community event to talk about home language
  • Speak with your children about the value of their bilingual skills, so they understand that being bilingual can help them with English and other classes […]

Our home language is not commonly spoken. Why should we keep it?

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Every language is important, and your child’s bilingualism will improve their brain and assist with their education. Speaking your home language makes students proud of their culture and family, and allows them to communicate well with others. If we do not take care to protect home languages, we risk losing […]

If my child is studying English or is ELL at school, will speaking my home language hurt their studies?

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No! In fact, speaking your home language will help your student! Bilingual students have superior skill sets that help them in the classroom. Studies show that students who maintain their home language (or “mother tongue”) more easily learn a second language– such as English. Research also shows bilingual students to […]

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